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Special Sessions

GCCE 2012 welcomes contributions not only on the regular sessions but also on the following eight special sessions.

SS1: Smart TV
SS2: Super Resolution TV
SS3: 3D TV
SS4: Tangible & Direct Manipulation Interfaces for Beneficial Edutainment CE
SS5: Advanced Ultrasonic Technologies in CE
SS6: Advanced Sensing Technology via Image Information in CE
SS7: Game Amusement & Computer Entertainment
SS8: Smart Consumer Devices and Networks

Thank you very much for many proposals of Special Sessions!

SS1: Smart TV

Chair: Masaru Sakurai
Keywords: Network TV Design
User Interface of Smart TV
Mobile Device and Smart TV Connection
Contents Management
Standardization of Network TV Transmission
New Service for Network TV
Contents Production for Smart TV
Abstract: With the spread of internet and smart phone / tablet PC, the smart TV which is connected to the internet has become the focus of people's attention as the next generation television. In this special session, all technical issues about network TV such as; TV receiver design, user interface proposal, idea about connection of TV and smart phone / tablet PC, image contents retrieval and management, network TV transmission, standardization, new service for the smart TV, and contents production, will be encouraged to be submitted.

SS2: Super Resolution TV

Chair: Tomio Goto
Co-Chair: Toshimitsu Kaneko, Yoshiaki Shishikui
Keywords: High Resolution TV
Ultra HDTV
Super Hi-vision
Image Signal Processing for High Resolution TV
Image Signal Processing for Reality Creation
Data Compression for High Resolution TV
Data Transmission for High Resolution TV
Standardization for Next Generation TV
Abstract: In recent years, High Definition Television (HDTV) system has been spread out all over the world and several companies have released super resolution TV for the next generation television with 4k x 2k and 8k x 4k panels. Also, Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) has been being studied for the next generation Television system. In this special session, all technical issues about high resolution TV such as Ultra HDTV, Super Hi-vision, image signal processing for super resolution and reality creation, signal transmission, data compression, and standardization, are encouraged to be submitted.

SS3: 3D TV

Chair: Toshiaki Fujii
Co-Chair: Akiko Yoshida
Keywords: 3D Display
3D Signal Processing
Glassless 3DTV
3D Broadcast
3D Storage
2D-3D Conversion
3D Compression and Transmission
3D Standardization
Abstract: The research and development of 3DTV has a long history. Because of recent big success of 3D cinema, 3DTV has become one of the most remarkable topics in consumer television field. In this special session, technical issues about 3DTV such as; 3D display, 3D signal processing , 3D broadcast, 3D storage, compression, standardization, and contents production, are encouraged to be submitted.

SS4: Tangible & Direct Manipulation Interfaces
         for Beneficial Edutainment CE

Chair: Klaus P. Jantke
Co-Chair: Yuzuru Tanaka, Nigel Waters, Jun Fujima
Keywords: HCI & Edutainment
Interactive Media and Immersive Environments
Game-based Learning & Game Systems
Constructivist Learning Theories and Applications
Direct Manipulation and the Evolution or Construction of Knowledge
Edutainment Interaction Environments
Environments of Multimedia for Learning
Knowledge Media Technologies
Edutainment Quality Assessment, Especially in Learning
Abstract: Digital games are increasingly a part of our daily lives and consumer electronics is the Trojan horse by which game playing invades private homes. Researchers, developers, and engineers have to take responsibility and ask how the tide can be turned in order to promote the beneficial impacts of human game playing. Learning in schools, in industries, in universities and life-long at home and health care are preferable fields of game playing that have the desired high impact but what about their supportive interface technologies? This session addresses research, development, and applications in the triangle of three problem areas: game-based learning, tangible interfaces, and direct manipulation of multimedia.

SS5: Advanced Ultrasonic Technologies in CE

Chair: Kentaro Nakamura
Co-Chair: Yoshikazu Koike, Iwaki Akiyama
Keywords: Ultrasonic Sensors and Acoustical Measurement Systems
Ultrasonic Motors
Piezoelectric Transformers & Energy Harvest
Ultrasonic Parametric Speaker
Piezoelectric Gyroscope
Acoustical Communication Systems
Abstract: Ultrasonic technologies have a couple of advantages for applications to consumer electronics. Ultrasonic sensors are light weighted, low costs, low electric power consumption, and non-contact measurement available. Ultrasonic motors have higher torques and silent movements than electro-magnetic motors. Piezoelectric transformers are high voltage and high power device in small size. A parametric speaker forms a narrow audio beam caused by ultrasound nonlinear phenomenon. Piezoelectric gyroscopes are sensors which use piezoelectric oscillators to capture the rotational movements of objects, and are essential for compensating for hand shaking in video and digital still cameras.

SS6: Advanced Sensing Technology via Image Information in CE

Chair: Kenji Terada
Co-Chair: Yoshimitsu Aoki, Iwaki Akiyama
Keywords: Human Recognition
Digital Human Model
Human Computer Interaction
Virtual Reality
Image Processing
Image Search and Object Recognition
Abstract: Recently the various kinds of applications of the sensing technology via image information to consumer electronics have been active. Human recognition based on the digital human model, and human computer interaction are key technologies in this field. Also virtual reality is now an important technology for game and entertainment in the consumer electronics.

SS7: Game Amusement & Computer Entertainment

Chair: Makio Fukuda
Co-Chair: Tomoyuki Takami, Toshihiro Hayashi
Keywords: Computer, Video, Console and Internet Games
Amusement/ Serious Games
Games for Education and Learning / Edutainment
Interactive Games with Intelligent Agent
Human Interface technology for Games
Abstract: This session discusses about the innovative research and technology about games amusement using the computer, PDA, the Internet, and the game machine. Moreover, it discusses also about the research on robots, intelligent toys, etc., or development. In this session, the member of Game Amusement Society works as the officer. Please announce your innovative result of research to the participant at the session of Game Amusement. Please send your paper to us positively.

SS8: Smart Consumer Devices and Networks

Chair: Norihiro Ishikawa
Co-Chair: Masahiro Inoue, Ryozo Kiyohara
Keywords: Smart Consumer Devices
Novel Architecture
Protocol and Middleware for Consumer Networks
Novel Applications for Consumer Devices
Security and Management Issues for Consumer Devices and Networks
M2M Communications for Consumer Devices and Networks
Social Networks and their Applications for Consumer Devices
Cloud Computing for Consumer Devices
Abstract: Consumer devices have been smarter than before rapidly. Such devices include AV devices, home appliances, mobile phones, home gateway and healthcare devices. Such devices have computing and communication functions, and communicate with each other. Networks for consumer devices are also emerging rapidly. However, such networks suffer from incompatibility. Integrated architecture, protocol and middleware for consumer networks are required for advanced applications for smart consumer devices. Such applications include digital healthcare, home security, social network service, home appliance control from mobile phone and so on. Cloud computing also supports such applications. The purpose of this special session is to provide a forum for researchers and engineers to present research results in this area.