IEEEIEEE Consumer Technology Society 2024 IEEE 13th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics

GCCE 2024 | AIM Medium Exhibition Hall and RIHGA Royal Hotel Kokura, Japan | Oct. 29 - Nov. 1 2024

Topics for Regular Tracks

The topics covered by GCCE 2024 include, but are not limited to, the following:
The other topics covered by organized sessions are listed in Organized Session page.

RAE: Automotive Entertainment & Information

Connected Car, Navigation, Driver Assistance, Car AV Systems, In-vehicle camera, Communication Aspects, Automotive UI, Automotive Sensors and Controls

RAV: AV Processing & Streaming

Still and Video Cameras, Audio Systems and Technologies, Recording, Video Processing and Codecs, Storage Compression, Transcoding, Content Indexing, Video Enhancement, Interactive Video Streaming, Visual Quality Assessment, AV System Evaluation

REM: Embedded Technologies for CE

Embedded System, Embedded OS, Embedded Software, High-density Mounting, Advanced Semiconductors, Development Tools

REN: Enabling Technologies

High Speed Signals and Interconnects, Algorithms, Intellectual Property, Manufacturing and Test Technology for CE, Recyclable Engineering, Product Safety, White Goods

RGE: Green Energy for CE

Solar Cell, Wind-generated Electricity for CE, Rechargeable Energy, Energy Harvesting

RHM: Home Medical & Healthcare

Home Medical Equipment, Medical IT/ICT, Healthcare Applications, Wellness Devices

RHN: Home Networks & Services

Wired and Wireless Networks at Home, Home Gateway, QoS, Bridges, Peer-to-Peer, Interoperability, Application Control, PVR, Home Theater, Interconnects, Gaming Devices and Systems, Internet Integration

RMC: Mobile Computing & Communications

Wearable Devices, Handheld Computers, Mobile Broadband, Personal Multimedia Devices, AV Streaming to Handheld Devices, Next-Generation Cellular Phones, Smart Phone Technologies

RSG: Smart Grid for CE

Smart House, HEMS, BEMS, FEMS, CEMS, Smart Meter, Power Monitor, Energy Storage, On-site Power Generation, Sensor and Network for Smart Grid, Internet of Things

RSR: Security & Right Management

Copy and Redistribution Protection, Payments, Parental Controls, CE and Digital Content Issues, Data Collection, Biometrics, Privacy, Encryption

RST: Storage & Digital Media

Optical Storage, Magnetic Storage, Next-generation Storage Media, Semiconductor, Storage Technology, Cloud Media, Interactive Media, CE and Cloud Computing

RTV: TV & Display Technologies

Future TV, Mobile TV, Ultra HDTV, Network TV, Smart TV, 3D Imaging and Display, OEL, VoD, Visual Media Communication

RUI: User Interfaces & Experience in CE

Gesture Operation, Multitouch, Natural User Interface, Haptics, User Experience, HCI for CE, Usability, User Centered Design, Accessibility, Special-Needs/Assistive Technologies

RWL: Wireless & RF in CE

Antennas, Acquisition, Equalization, Spectrum Usage, Software Radio, Wireless LAN, IEEE 802.11 Standards, Bluetooth, RFID, WPAN, Wireless Power Transmission