IEEEIEEE Consumer Electronics Society2015 IEEE 4th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics

GCCE 2016 | Mielparque Kyoto, Japan | OCT. 11-14 2016

Demo! Presentations Welcomed

IEEE GCCE 2016 Welcomes Demo! Presentations.

Authors' Advantages

Optional "Impact" score
Each paper will be given an "Impact" score, depending on optionally submitted movie.
Excellent Demo! Award
GCCE 2016 offers special Demo! Awards.
Votes from participants increase your awarding score. Bring your demo set to impress them!

Submission Procedure

Prepare a 2-page review paper
If you have still images to demonstrate, create "Demo Images for Review" section on the third page and put them in that page (no fourth page please).
Upload your video (optional)
Upload your video to YouTube with an attribute of 'Unlisted' (in Japanese, 「URLを知っている人のみ閲覧可能)
Write the URL to at the third second page of your review paper (optional)
Create "Demo Movie for Review" section at the end of the last page and simply write the YouTube URL.
Submit your review paper

Official Supports

GCCE offers followings for the Demo! presenters.

  • A demo booth with a poster panel
  • A desk and two chairs
  • 100V-2A AC outlet (ask us for more amps)
  • 802.11g Wireless Network
    • will be shared among all presenters. It is not suitable for higher-rate streaming (e.g. HQ videos).

Demo! FAQs

Demo! category is just introduced for 2016, so you may have many queations. Please feel free to ask us if they are not yet listed below.