IEEEIEEE Consumer Electronics Society2013 IEEE 2nd Global Conference on Consumer Electronics

GCCE 2013 | Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan | OCT. 1-4 2013

Thank you very much for many proposals of Special Sessions!

SS-1: Consumer Networks & Systems

Chair: Masahiro Inoue
Co-Chairs: Ryozo Kiyohara, Tomochika Ozaki
Keywords: Protocol and Middleware for Consumer Networks
M2M Communications and Systems for Consumer Networks
Social Networks and their Applications for Consumer Networks
Novel Applications for Consumer Networks
HCI for Consumer Networks
Abstract: Networking Technologies have a couple of advantages for CE devices. Such devices have computing and communication functions, and communicate with each other. Networks for CE are also emerging rapidly. However, such networks suffer from incompatibility. Integrated architecture, protocol and middleware for consumer networks are required for advanced applications for CE. Such applications include digital healthcare, home security, social network service, home appliance control from mobile phone and so on. The purpose of this special session is to provide a forum for researchers and engineers to present research results in this area.

SS-2: Digital Health & Fitness

Chair: Kazuyuki Kojima
Co-Chair: Takahiro Okumura
Keywords: Digital Devices for Sports, Fitness, Wellness, Healthcare, and Medical Care
Activity Tracker
Smart Body Scale
Smart Blood Pressure Monitor
Big and Cheap Data Processing for Health and Fitness
Abstract: Recent technological advances in integrated circuits, wireless communications, physiological sensing, and micro machining allow miniature, lightweight, ultra-low power, intelligent, low-cost monitoring devices. These digital devices are leading us to use them for health care, fitness, and home medical at various situations where we haven't used ever. This special session will discuss the latest technologies on health, fitness, and medical devices. Smart body scales, runners' watches, heart-assist devices, sensor networks, and their data processing methodologies are one of the key technologies on this SS, however, our topics are not limited to them.

SS-3: Smart Elevators

Chair: Shingo Yamaguchi
Co-Chair: Toshiyuki Miyamoto
Keywords: Smart Elevator Systems
Energy Saving Technologies
Simulation and Optimization
Model Based Approach
Intelligent Control
Abstract: The use of elevators is spreading over various fields including home and skyscrapers. As elevator systems come to be closely related to the urban lives of people, their accidents or energy usage have become social problems. Therefore, it is necessary to perform research and development on safe and efficient elevator systems. This special session calls for papers on smart elevator systems and their related issues: energy saving, home elevators, multi-car elevators, security of elevators, simulation, optimization, intelligent control of elevator systems, formal methods, computer tools, and applications.

SS-4: Future TV & Image Processing Technologies

Chairs: Akiko Yoshida, Tomio Goto
Co-Chair: Toshiaki Fujii
Keywords: 3D Display
3D Signal Processing
Glassless 3DTV
3D Broadcast
3D Storage
3D Printer
3D Projection Mapping
3D Digital Signage
3D Public Viewing
2D-3D Conversion
3D Compression and Transmission
3D Standardization
High Resolution TV
Ultra HDTV
Super Hi-vision
Image Signal Processing for Super-Resolution TV
Image Signal Processing for Reality Creation
Data Compression for High Resolution TV
Data Transmission for High Resolution TV
Standardization for Next Generation TV
Abstract: The research and development of 3D technologies have a long history. Because of recent big success of 3D cinema, 3D TV has become one of the most remarkable topics in consumer television field. In this special session, technical issues about 3D technologies such as; 3D display, 3D signal processing , 3D broadcast, 3D storage, 3D printer, compression, standardization, and contents production, are encouraged to be submitted. In recent years, High Definition Television (HDTV) system has been spread out all over the world and several companies have released super resolution TV for the next generation television with 4k x 2k and 8k x 4k panels. Also, Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) has been being studied for the next generation Television system. In this special session, all technical issues about high resolution TV such as Ultra HDTV, Super Hi-vision, image signal processing for super resolution and reality creation, signal transmission, data compression, and standardization, are encouraged to be submitted.

SS-5: Smart TV

Chair: Masaru Sakurai
Keywords: Network TV Design
User Interface of Smart TV
Mobile Device and Smart TV Connection
Contents Management
Standardization of Network TV Transmission
New Service for Network TV
Contents Production for Smart TV
Abstract: With the spread of internet and smart phone / tablet PC, the smart TV which is connected to the internet has become the focus of people's attention as the next generation television. In this special session, all technical issues about network TV such as; TV receiver design, user interface proposal, idea about connection of TV and smart phone / tablet PC, image contents retrieval and management, network TV transmission, standardization, new service for the smart TV, and contents production, will be encouraged to be submitted.

SS-6: Entertainment Computing

Chair: Daisuke Sakamoto
Co-Chairs: Yoshinari Takegawa, Hitomi Tsujita, Takuji Narumi
Keywords: Entertainment
Interaction Design
Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality
Ubiquitous Computing
Tangible Interface
Abstract: Entertainment Computing has a significant role in the Consumer Electronics. It is not just creating interactive contents, video/network games, robots, music and arts, but presenting new user interfaces and interactive system for the entertainment. Especially, the rapid spread of smartphones and small mobile devices changed the computing style in the entertainment, and people are now accepting new type of interactive entertainment system, which includes virtual/mixed reality, ubiquitous and tangible systems. This session welcomes researches that address issues and challenges regarding all aspects of the Entertainment Computing.

SS-7: Game Amusement

Chair: Makio Fukuda
Co-Chairs: Klaus P. Jantke, Tomoyuki Takami, Toshihiro Hayashi
Keywords: Computer, Video, Console and Internet Games
Amusement/ Serious Games
Games for Education and Learning / Edutainment
Interactive Games with Intelligent Agent
Human Interface technology for Games
Individual and Social Impact of Game Playing
Assessment of Game Impact
Storyboarding and Storytelling
Tools for Game Design and Game Studies
Abstract: The session's focus is on innovative research and technology for game amusement on all platforms such as PC, PDA, Smartphone, the Internet, and the game machine. Robots, intelligent toys, and the like are included.
Games have an impact on individual humans, on peer groups, and on the whole society. Therefore, understanding the way in which games affect humans and the effects of game playing are within scope. This includes researches on learning effects, e.g., and assessment tools.
Game Amusement Society of Japan and IDMT of Germany jointly manage this session.
Please contribute positively at this session.

SS-8: Recent Audio Engineering & Technology

Chair: Kazuhiko Kawahara
Co-Chairs: Akira Nishimura, Kazuma Hoshi, Eunmi Oh
Keywords: Measurement and Instrumentation of Audio Devices, including Transducers
Audio Signal Processing
Spatial Audio
Room Acoustics
Perception and Evaluation of Audio Applications
Abstract: Nowadays, digital audio products seem to become full growth in consumer electronics. Novel and advanced technologies are required for enrichment of our new audio experiences. Moreover, revisiting contemporary audio engineering is also required to design new audio devices and products. This special session aims at discussing recent research results in technique and application of audio engineering, such as audio digital processing, spatial audio, room acoustics, entertainment, and perception and evaluation of such applications, and so forth.

SS-9: Advanced Embedded Systems Development & Electronics Design

Chair: Yoshihiro Saito
Co-Chair: Kazuyuki Kojima
Keywords: Hardware Development
Software Development
Embedded OS
Enclosure Design
Unbugging & Debugging Technologies
Design Automation
Manufacturing & Test
Abstract: The aim of this session is to bring together researchers and practitioners from the industry and academia and provide them with a platform to report on recent advances and developments in the newly emerging areas of embedded development and electronics design, as well as actual and potential applications to consumer electronics. Topics of interest include, but by no means are limited to:
  • Advanced hardware development for CE
  • Advanced software development for CE
  • Embedded OS / Realtime OS
  • Enclosure design
  • Unbugging & debugging technologies for embedded system
  • Electronics design automation
  • Manufacturing & Test for embedded system