IEEEIEEE Consumer Electronics Society2013 IEEE 2nd Global Conference on Consumer Electronics

GCCE 2013 | Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan | OCT. 1-4 2013


IEEE GCCE 2013 handles not only a research but also a recreation. Let's search and create our new friendship with other researchers and engineers via many attractive events waiting for you all!


CEATEC TOUR with English Guide

How about looking around the CEATEC - one of the biggest show on CE - with a guide speaking English?

GCCE everyday offers you "CEATEC TOUR with English Guide" for free.

October 1st: 10:30 - 12:30
2nd to 4th: 10:00 - 12:00

Please come to the lobby, right on the tick!

October 1st

Opening Ceremony

Kagami-biraki is a Japanese traditional ceremony to cerebrate an opening. A top of a cask is opened by a wood hammer, and Japanese Sake is handed out.

Everything of the IEEE GCCE 2013 starts here!

Welcome Reception

October 2nd

Make Your Original Food Sample!

Have you ever been to restaurants in Japan? Many food samples are mouth-wateringly displayed in their showcases. They're so real!

In Japan, some ateliers of food samples welcome an experiential learning of food sample creation. Yamato Sample offers experiences of above parfaits, tarts, o-bentos (lunch boxes), hiyashi-chukas (chilled Chinese-style Japanese noodle), ramens (Japanese-style Chinese noodle), curry rices, tempuras and so on at their atelier, only 1.5 train hours away from the conference venue.

So far? GCCE 2013 invited food sample engineers to the conference venue!

Time & Place: 17:30- (Room 104)
Charge: 1,000 Japanese Yen
or 10 US Dollars ... please have exact fee!
we usually have no USDs!!
Experience: Making a tartlet - 30 to 45 minutes
... depending on your artfulness!!!

Why don't you try making your original one, and bring yours back to your sweetheart?

Special thanks to Meister Kazuya Ito & Meister Yuichi Ito
from Yamato Sample, for their kind support to this event.

October 3rd

Award Ceremony & Banquet

Award winners are announced and prized at this big banquet. Call For Papers of related conferences are also presented.

No outside food & beverage allowed, with the exception of your food sample.

October 4th

Closing Ceremony

GCCE 2013 is concluded by this ceremony, and of course, is continued to GCCE 2014!